8 Helpful Tips for Garage Organization

1. Ensure that there are no air leaks between the garage and the house

If your garage shares a wall with your house or if it has an upstairs room, check for gaps in the wall and in the ceiling before installing organizers. There are places inside the house where warm or cold air can get in. Caulk small gaps and use expandable spray foam for larger ones.

2. Make sure your garage threshold is sealed

Rain, windblown leaves, bugs, and mice will find their way inside if the bottom of your garage door doesn’t sit flush with the floor. Create a snug fit by attaching a rubberized strip to the floor where the door lands.

3. Layout your garage by drawing a floor plan.

Be aware of how much space your car takes up and note how many windows, doors, switches, and outlets are in your garage before buying anything. If you’re assigning items a home, you may consider applying the following guidelines.

  • Keeping items you use together, such as gardening tools and lawn chemicals is a good idea.
  • Consider standing up or hanging your lawnmower. This allows for more open space.
  • The hardest-to-reach areas are ideal for storing seasonal items or rarely used items.

4. Having the garage floor clear of clutter is a good goal

As a result, you’ll have more space and this will allow you to open your car door easy. This also allows for easy access to heavy, bulky items.

5. After you categorize your items, you may consider buying

  • Stackable, clear plastic bins of different sizes. The size of your categorized piles will tell you what to purchase.
  • Small items, like hardware, can be sorted into clear containers. Using food containers instead of purchasing these will save you money.
  • Items that should not be accessed by children can be kept in a locking cabinet.

6. You may consider closed cabinets in favor of open shelves

When setting up shelving, consider what size bins you’re going to use. Clear bins allow you to easily scan what you have at your disposal. If using cupboards with doors, I encourage you to use labels to remember what belongs there. Cupboards are also useful if you want to store something for safety.

7. You may consider installing vertical organizing systems

You can organize items vertically by using pegboards, track-based systems, and panel systems.

8. Make good use of overhead space

For long, flat items such as ladders and sporting equipment that aren’t used every day, the garage ceiling is perfect.

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