Do you need help organizing your space? My name is Tracy and I’m here to help!

I am Tracy Dallas of Placed With Grace professional organizing. I help people all over Albuquerque and Santa Fe convert their spaces to fit their needs and lifestyle. I transform their spaces into a place they truly look forward to working and living in.

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Tracy Dallas

Why should you hire a professional organizer?

  • You feel stuck, overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin
  • You have a limited amount of space and can’t figure out how to organize all your items within the space given
  • You keep procrastinating and feel a general lack of follow-through or motivation to get organized
  • You have a hard time deciding what to keep, give away or dispose of
  • You’re going through a life change, a personal illness or the loss of a special person in your life

Where do we begin?

During our initial consultation, we will work together to make a plan of action that best addresses your needs. I will listen attentively to discover important information such as:

  • What are your goals?
  • What hobbies would you like to get back to?
  • Where in your home or office will you most benefit from my services?
  • How can my services best add value to your lifestyle?

What does the organizing process look like?

Everybody has different needs.

As we work together we learn what may work best to accomplish your needs.

We set up these systems by:

  1. Reducing
  2. Arranging
  3. Maintaining

Throughout the month following the completion of your project, I will routinely follow up to help ensure your continued organizational success.

It may be time to hire a professional organizer if…

  • You’re just getting started on your decluttering journey and you want to do it in a sustainable, long-lasting way. 
  • You’ve tackled some areas of your home already, but find yourself struggling to follow through or keep up with the work once it’s done. 
  • You’re willing to put in the work of examining your ownership mindset and open to letting go of things that are making you feel trapped.
  • You’re already spending a few hours (or more) a week keeping your home in order.
  • You’re excited about the idea of seeing your floor instead of boxes, your clothes hung up instead of in a pile on the floor, or preparing your meals using open space on your counter. 
  • You’re excited about the idea of turning your home into a place where you can really feel relaxed.
A professional organizer trusted by people all over Albuquerque and Santa Fe


Based on 35 reviews
Teri Reynoso
Teri Reynoso
Tracy is a dream come true for our family! My mother is in the early stages of dementia and needed assistance with cleaning out and organizing her home. Tracy's patience, compassion and caring makes my mother feel safe in a very scary time. Would recommend to everyone in a similar situation.
Casey Messer
Casey Messer
Love having Tracy! She works with whatever space you have and maximizes it so it works best to you and your lifestyle. She is also not making you give anything away--but it makes you want to declutter. I've used her more than once and I can't wait to have her back! Stop putting it off and hire her!
Thomas Hughes
Thomas Hughes
Tracy is awesome! She's done an amazing job getting our house decluttered. Also, her energy is infectious: I turn into the bodybuilder guy in one of the Flintstones episodes when she's around (see illustration)!
Melanie Ranney
Melanie Ranney
Tracy is a magnificent organizer. She is professional and efficient with imaginative and practical ideas. She is also remarkably non-judgemental of the disorganization presented by any project! Her energy is infectious and fun. We have been dancing around boxes, bundles, bubble wrap, paper and tape for weeks, with more to come!
Jim Spradlin
Jim Spradlin
Easy to work and communicate with does a great job. Highly recommend.
I’ve had Tracy over 3 times. Lots of energy and focus on getting the job done. Went through my kitchen, reorganized, and was very encouraging to discuss removal of items. Tackled storage under the stairs, and decluttered and arranged living area and artwork (and more.). Very happy how she moved a large painting to balance out the room. I hadn’t thought of putting it there. I would definitely recommend.
Willie McTell
Willie McTell
Fantastic service from a fantastic person! Tracy helped us out so much during a difficult time. It was high stress, and she made it so much easier. Couldn’t have made the date I needed to be out of my house without her! Highly recommend!
Becky Husmann
Becky Husmann
I hired Tracy to help move one of my aunts from an independent, 2-bedroom apartment to an assisted living, 1-bedroom apartment. Tracy is not only gifted in organizing, downsizing, packing, and unpacking, but she has great interpersonal skills. Tracy was able to win my aunt's trust and cooperation - not an easy task under the circumstances. When my aunt was feeling tired, stressed, and/or resistant, Tracy knew just how to handle her. As a result, she got a lot accomplished in a relatively short period of time. She did all of this while I was in another state and only able to "help" by phone. I highly recommend Tracy and I will most certainly hire her again if I need more help!
Jenn Peña
Jenn Peña
Tracy is amazing! She has great ideas, is flexible, and never stops! She’s not intimidated by any job and will keep working with you until your house works for YOU!
Marla Shoats
Marla Shoats
Tracy has a great demeanor for this profession. She is reliable, thorough and Organized of course!,

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